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Services - finite element analysis (FEA)

Finite element analysis (FEA) is a powerful tool for understanding the limitations of mechanical designs. In the right hands it can quickly identify problems, show where designs can be improved, save weight and reduce cost. It can provide the information for fatigue, creep and lifing predictions. Our consultants have been providing FEA solutions to our clients since 1997.

FEA is quicker and more accurate than hand calculations in all but the simplest cases. It handles complicated assemblies and loads, large deflections and contacting parts. It must be used with care though, because assumptions often have to be made about the loads and supports (boundary conditions) and how to simplify complicated geometry. Our consultants often use hand calculations to check that the FEA results are reasonable and expected. Experienced FEA practitioners also use various standard checks to make sure the model is performing correctly.

FEA is often used in combination with appropriate design standards. We use various BS EN, ISO, ASME and other standards see the case study files for more details.

Our consultants use FEA extensively as a tool to find the best strategy for tackling a new design problem, including evaluating different materials and approaches. Once an outline design has been agreed, our consultants use FEA to optimise it. This saves the cost and time of making several prototypes. Many of our clients have saved considerable amounts or gained a market advantage in this way.

Our consultants FEA work includes:

  • Linear static stress analysis
  • Varying pressure and thermal loads
  • Geometric non-linearities (large deflection, large strain, friction and contacts)
  • Optimising for weight, cost or other constraints
  • Balancing loads to give minimum deflection
  • Improving rigidity
  • Finding the causes of cracks and other failures
  • Fatigue and creep lifing predictions
  • Metal, plastic, rubber, composite and timber components and assemblies

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FEA of ram anchor and pin

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