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Services - mechanical engineering design calculations

Calculations are the foundation to all our work. Our consultants use hand calculations to get a basic understanding of most new problems we tackle, from statics, ’Roark’s formulas’ for stress and strain, to fatigue, optimal design, fluid flow, noise and vibration. These provide the best cross-check of the computer models that follow. Hand calculations can be the quickest way to understand the limitations and potential of a new design proposal or prototype.

In some situations, a computer model or finite element analysis (FEA) isn’t necessary and our consultants can provide our clients with simple results without them. These often cover a range of “what if” scenarios.

Examples of work based on hand calculations:

  • Optimising cantilever beams
  • Optimising sandwich panels
  • Designing vehicle crash bollards
  • Predicting membrane stresses
  • Predicting wind loads
  • Predicting ground pressures
  • Predicting fatigue and creep lives

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