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Services - mechanical engineering design and analysis

Coupland Bell consultants provide mechanical engineering design and analysis services where expertise and analysis are needed to solve the problems and improve a mechanical design. Our engineering consultants often help our clients with fresh ideas and we routinely solve unusual or difficult mechanical design problems. Our consultants use 3D CAD modelling, finite element analysis (FEA) and other software tools as required to help find the best solution.

This mechanical design service involves work in the following areas:

  • Stress analysis (stresses and displacements in components and assemblies due to physical and thermal loads)
  • Fatigue, creep and lifing
  • Trial designs and modifications to optimise the solution
  • Finite element analysis (FEA)

Professional analysis can save expensive mistakes in making parts or tooling that have to be corrected later.

These are some of the areas we work in.

Steel and plastic tank

Steel tanks designed to Eurocode 3 and EN1993 "Design of steel structures". Plastic tanks designed to BS EN 12573 and DVS 2205 (with reference to BS EN 12566-3, BS EN 1778 and BS4994 where required).

Design of structural mouldings

Rotationally moulded HDPE parts can be very cost effective and can carry quite large loads or pressures. They are prone to large deflections and stress-cracking in detail areas though. Our consultants use FEA to check new designs, find improvements and recommend materials and minimum thicknesses.

Lightweight mechanical design

Frames and chassis designed and optimised in a range of materials.

Composite mechanical design

Design of composite structures, including sandwich panels, kevlar and carbon fibre.

Rigid structure mechanical design

Rigid structures in steel or carbon fibre, including balancing the loads for minimum deflection.

New concepts

Brainstorming and generating new solutions, including designing mechanisms for linear actuators and hydraulics.

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Lightweight chassis frame

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Improved HDPE hatch

HDPE moulded hatch


Design of buried tank

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