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Services - noise and vibration

Coupland Bell provide noise and vibration consultancy services for a variety of commercial and industrial projects. Our consultants can offer a complete design service, to ensure contract and planning limits are met. Our consultants have been providing noise and vibration solutions to our clients since 1997.

Our consultants have particular experience in:

  • Industrial projects
  • Gas turbine installations and packages
  • Turbo machinery
  • Marine propulsion systems
  • Wind turbines
  • Propellers
  • Fans

Our noise and vibration service involves work in the following areas.

Enclosure design and acoustic design

Our consultants can model the acoustic transmission loss of various types of construction in a variety of materials. Our consultants provide advice on the detail design of enclosures and other forms of noise treatment. Our consultants can predict the sound pressure levels around complete installations and help to optimise the design. Our experience includes:

  • Large engine enclosures
  • Gearbox enclosures
  • Bespoke noise absorbers

Machinery surveys

Our consultants have experience in measuring noise from industrial machines, including measuring source sound power levels. Our consultants have measured the transmission loss of large enclosures and have experience trouble-shooting industrial noise problems. Our consultants can find the causes of high noise in machines and weaknesses in enclosures and noise treatment. Our consultants have unique expertise in measuring noise in hot ducts, including engine exhausts.

Acoustic design of industrial sites and power stations

At the design stage, our consultants use CadnaA and SoundPLAN software to predict the propagation of noise from industrial sources around buildings and other obstacles.  These are very powerful tools that can be used to minimise the cost of acoustic materials. Our consultants build acoustic models of industrial sites, which are used to optimise acoustic treatment and positions of buildings etc, to minimise cost and meet planning conditions.

Site surveys

Our noise and vibration services include datum surveys to identify and quantify noise levels. Our consultants can conduct surveys to various national and international standards including BS4142 and ISO6190. Further surveys during a construction project can be helpful, to demonstrate compliance with planning limits, or to measure the improvement from design changes. Our consultants can identify the sources of high noise on a site.

Vibration surveys

Our consultants provide noise and vibration consultancy and failure investigation for a variety of machines. Our consultants specialise in industrial projects and gas turbines. Site surveys can establish the cause of a problem and we offer troubleshooting, to identify and rectify industrial noise and vibration problems. Our experience includes:

  • Accelerometer measurements (equipment running)
  • Finding the machine responsible for site problems
  • Identifying out-of-balance, misalignment, bearing and gear problems
  • Vibration resonance testing (natural frequencies)
  • Acoustic resonance testing

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