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Coupland Bell mechanical engineering design and analysis services

Mechanical engineering design

Our mechanical engineering design services should always save you money, by getting mechanical designs and tooling right before manufacturing, saving cost or materials in a mechanical design, finding the causes of problems more quickly, or improving the basic concept.


Marine engineering design

Coupland Bellís marine design consultants use their expertise and analysis skills to solve problems and improve design. Our marine engineering design services donít include purely aesthetic design, but we do like to make our marine designs elegant.


Noise and vibration

Coupland Bell noise and vibration consultants provide for a variety of commercial and industrial projects. We can offer a complete design service, to ensure contract and planning limits are met.


Fluid flow analysis

If CFD can be avoided, fluid flow analysis can often be modelled in a simple way and an optimum solution found quickly using classical calculations. We will refer a customer to a specialist fluid flow analysis service if their problem is too complicated for a classical approach.


Finite element analysis (FEA)

Finite element analysis (FEA) is a powerful tool for understanding the limitations of mechanical designs. In the right hands finite element analysis can quickly identify problems, show where designs can be improved, save weight and reduce cost.


Design calculations

Calculations are the foundation to all our engineering work. We use hand calculations to get a basic understanding of most new problems we tackle, from statics, 'Roark's formulas' for stress and strain, to fatigue, optimal design, fluid flow, noise and vibration.


Mechanical failure analysis

Most designers will face some type of mechanical component failure at some point, as they attempt to develop a product and control cost. Some are simple and easily cured and many are more complicated.



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