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Finite Element Analysis
of Heavy Steel Door

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heavy steel door

Finite Element Analysis of Heavy Steel Door

The problem

An industrial press manufacturer wanted to improve a press, by reducing its weight and manufacturing cost, while increasing the force on the press tools. They asked Coupland Bell consultants to consider the whole design and recommend improvements. One of the loaded parts our consultants looked at in more detail was a heavy steel door. Our consultants chose the door for more work, because it seemed to be too heavy and too expensive to make.

 door FEA model
door FEA results

FEA results

Our solution

The door is a welded fabrication, with an internal lattice framework, an outer frame and outer panels. This was simplified for an FEA model by modelling half of it with symmetrical boundary conditions and using shell elements. The internal lattice framework was not included, because hand calculations and experience suggested it was redundant. Itís weight was represented by vertical loads on the front panel. The finite element analysis results confirmed very small stresses and deflections, even without the internal structure. Our consultants recommended a much simpler design, which was lighter and cheaper to make.